City Chocolate Tour (& Chocolate Workshop)



Spend the day eating chocolate with classmates, friends and/or family! You’ll learn the history and life of chocolate, how high-end gourmet chocolates are created, and learn a bit about the city you’re touring.


Chocolate Tours are generally 2 – 2.5 hrs. Your group will be given a prearranged departure point and you will meet your tour guide there at a specific time. Your tour guide will provide details of the tour, distribute a few goodies in advance, and ask if there are any personal needs that to be discussed. As your guide leads you through the city, he or she will discuss different landmarks and point out fun facts along the way. Generally a tour makes 4-6 stops along the way. One stop can be completely different from the next! At some stops you’ll hear the store owner talk about their chocolates in depth, at other shops employees will offer you chocolate samples and perhaps a discount to purchase items in their shop. You will meet some very interesting Chocolatiers! You may sample truffles, fudge, chocolate ice cream, or chocolate drinks…tastings are different in each city and even each season. You will take away a bag of goodies to bring home, because by the end of the tour you will only be able to eat so much chocolate!

We highly recommend good walking shoes, a bottle of water, and weather appropriate items (umbrella, sunglasses, sunscreen, etc). We tour rain, snow or shine. We believe chocolate tastes good regardless of the weather. You can purchase water along the way if you prefer. You may want to have extra funds on hand to purchase additional treats along the way to bring home as souvenirs.

Example of a stop

In Boston, we are currently highlighting a feature shop – Hotel Chocolat – A trendy European cocoa grower who manages the production of chocolate, from bean to bar.

Dietary Restrictions and Allergies

Prior to a tour, please tell us and your guide about any allergies, dietary needs, or restrictions you may have. We cannot guarantee that any dietary needs or restrictions can be accommodates given the nature of the tours, but we will do our best to work with you and guide you. ALLERGY INFORMATION IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY: For those with nut or other allergies, please be aware that it will be your responsibility to inquire about the presence/traces of nuts or other allergens in all products you sample.


Chocolate School or Chocolate Team Building Programs! Our Chocolate
School is definitely a class your group does not want to cut! This may be the sweetest education you’ll ever get.
Please inquire if your group would like to add on a chocolate school, or consider chocolate school in place of a chocolate tour. Your group will learn in depth about chocolate, where it comes from, how to make chocolate truffles & actually make them onsite, and of course the final and best part – eat them!

We can customize several Chocolate Events!

Chocolate Tours, Chocolate Workshops, Chocolate Themed Scavenger Hunts, or Private Chocolate Tastings!

Your Chocolate Team has a rich history creating memorable, world-class programs in locations near and far. Have chocolate, will travel!


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