Dining in the Dark – a Masked Meal!



Use all your senses, while sporting a light-blocking mask, and discover a whole new way to enjoy a meal with your tablemates!


This one-of-a-kind dining experience will be a combination of food, inspiring music, and a story that ties everything together. It is a unique sensory awareness experience. Our Dining in the Dark will enhance your group’s sense of taste, smell, touch and hearing. You’ll laugh, you’ll enjoy, and working with your team you will guess what you are eating, overcome tabletop team building challenges as you focus on the food and each other. Consistently people rank Dining in the Dark much higher than their initial expectations. The Dining in the Dark experience can be delivered at ANY meal in ANY location you may be getting together as a group.

Upon arrival your group will be handed incredibly comfortable blindfolds. You will even be able to open your eyes when wearing them. If one of your group’s members needs to use a bathroom during the event, or has any other needs, they just need to raise their hand. The main lights in the room will be dimmed, they will not be turned off.

Our Dining in the Dark event works best in a private dining room in a local restaurant, hotel ballroom or unique venue where participants can relax and enjoy the activity. Your Student Event Concierge can make all arrangements for this.

Step out of your comfort zone, energize your group, and help them create lasting memories and stories to tell for many, many years to come.


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