Flash Mob – Student Style!



This intensely creative and highly energetic program brings group members together to design, implement and perform a Flash Mob experience internally or in public.


Your event is just as Wikpedia quotes: A flash mob is “a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and pointless act for a brief time, and then quickly disperse.”
Whether you have a small or large group, our Flash Mob is customized perfectly to fit your needs.

This fun team building event is all about surprise, engagement, cohesion, risk taking and energy. Your group will quickly unite as they take the concept of a flash mob and transform it into what we call a Flash Mob – Student Style! You’ll ignite the spark in your team through unparalleled communication, spirited energy and shared experience.

If you have teammates that are reluctant to perform, that is fine! We have a part for everyone with many ‘behind the scene’ roles. For those that are gungho to get out there and dance, there is absolutely no prior dance experience necessary! All dance moves are very simple as our instructor led movements are easy to learn. Even those who profess to have “two left feet” will feel energized and excited after participating in Student Entertainment’s team building activities. The most difficult challenge is getting the entire team in sync. That is where Teamwork and Collaboration come into play.

OPTIONS! You may choose to keep the performance ‘internal’ for just your teambuilding session, or take it back to your hometown or your own community. We have taught some groups a flash mob dance, and they’ve performed it for a retiring Principal or for the entire student body. If you choose to Flash Mob with us in public, here are the Space Requirments to make a successful flash mob:

• Flash Mob – Student Style needs two locations if you choose to bring your flash mob into the public.

• The first is the rehearsal location that is typically an indoor meeting location with some “dance space.” This open space should be about 25’ x 25’ for a group of around 50, and larger as your group grows. If your group is having a meal with us, a banquet space would be perfect.

• The second location should mirror the “dance space” in your meeting room. It should have multiple entry points, be public, and be presented at a time when there are other people around. Consider foot traffic for the actual dance.

Booking Flash Mob – Student Style will be an unforgettable experience. We can organize dance flash mobs for all kinds of events: Birthdays, Student Groups of all ages, School related events & more!


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