Go-Tek Explorer, A High-Tech Scavenger Hunt



GoTek Explorer is a high tech scavenger hunt that incorporates the newest smartphone and tablet technology with challenges in the actual environment around you. Leverage your team’s natural desire for competition, achievement, status and self-expression, in a fun and compelling way.


Armed with Smartphones, iPads or Tablets as your tour guides, this is a high tech tablet or smartphone scavenger hunt that is a team building program with a conventional twist. You’ll work together to locate GPS hotspots, complete challenges (sometimes within the actual environment around you), answer questions and earn points. GoTek uses gamification to engage participants, the “Process of using game thinking and game mechanics to solve problems and engage audiences”. Put simply, it means that you’ll get far better results from your group if you engage them within a game environment – perfect for an interactive scavenger hunt using tablets and smartphones.

Your high tech game will include questions and challenges using every type of multimedia at our disposal: video, audio, images, augmented reality, maps, gps and more. Not only will your group be out racing around solving clues, but for more points they will also have missions where they will meet up with our team at pre-determined locations to compete in challenges.

Receive instant feedback on your answers, live messages from your facilitator and status updates from all of the teams. You’ll get bonus challenges when you reach certain point thresholds, timed questions, a live scoreboard and more curveballs than you can throw out!

We design the challenges around the location you are in, and what is available in the general area. Along the way you’ll discover some great facts about where you are and learn great new things.

Currently, this event requires group to have one fully charged, with an up to date operating system Iphone, Ipad or Tablet PER TEAM. An apple device is preferred.

Some ideas

Theme Your Hunt!

Do you want to support a local cause? Does your team love chocolate? Learn your city tour? Birthday hunt? We can theme your hunt to target your team’s interests.


This event is provided without a meal. If you would like us to arrange a meal before or after, please inquire!


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