Polaroid RETRO Instant Camera SCAVENGER HUNT



There’s not a more fun way to work as a team, and see a city! We’ve brought back the Original Polaroid Scavenger Hunt!


What is the best way to see a city? By touring and snapping photos of course, but sometimes some of the best photos are the fun and outrageous ones! Your Scavenger Hunt facilitator do a little meet & greet, and will then divide your group up into teams (unless you’ve done so ahead of time), distribute our snappy, retro Polaroid camera to a member in each team, and hand out a list of approximately 100 clever and tricky questions/locations/physical activities to look for and/or to accomplish or complete. Each picture will be worth a different point value. Together as a team, you’ll have to decide which pictures to take…the more difficult challenges worth more points than the simpler ones. There are rules that need to be followed…all of you in each photo, team mascot in each photo, and a few more.

Here are some examples from a recent hunt:
* Taking candy from a baby
* A group photo with someone dressed in formal attire
* Standing next to a pay phone
* In a kitchen making a sushi roll
* Flipping a pizza!

One of our favorites is the extra 50 points for the most creative photo! You can’t imagine what groups come up with. Always remember, as with all Student Entertainment events our programs are all clean, and G rated.

This event will be talked about all the way home and for days after. Your teams will keep reenacting all the hilarious moments they shared, and bonding amongst teammates will continue long past the actual event.


We supply a small prize to the winning team, but your group can add to this by supplying a grand prize! We do a quick wrap up at the end, but we can extend this if your group is continuing on to have a meal prearranged by us. Your teams get to bring home their photos, but backpacks and cameras all need to be returned upon completion.

Customization! This event can be themed and can be city based (all about DC, NYC etc..), or just Simple Fun. Our event planners will work with you to decide which are the best options for your group.


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