Team Chocolate Challenge



Fun with chocolate! Your group will feel like kids in a candy store throughout your chocolate team building event. Every activity is built around chocolate, that magical delicacy long known as the food of the gods.


Chocolate Challenge is a series of chocolate team building events that Team Bonding (our parent company) originally created for Verizon when meeting at the Hotel Hershey in Hershey, PA and has since been used by hundreds of groups to build morale amongst classmates and/or co-workers to increase communication and innovation, and strengthen relationships. This is definitely the sweetest little team builder you’ll ever be a part of. The benefits in productivity will last long after the last chocolate has vanished!

As with all our team building events, these chocolate games are highly customizable. Your team’s chocolate team building event may include the following games and exercises:

Full Contact Chocolate Bingo
Everyone is given a Bingo card with chocolate experiences such as “has eaten the ears off a chocolate bunny first” and “has eaten cereal with chocolate milk” on a grid. Find others who fit these descriptions, and get Bingo before your peers do! This is a perfect ice breaker to get everyone to unwind and get in the chocolate spirit.

CSI Chocolate
It’s time to treat your sweet tooth and test your taste buds with our unique CSI “Chocolate Taste Test” competition. Each group gets to taste ten different types of chocolate favorites – can you guess what they are without looking at them? Whose taste buds will reign supreme? That’s not all. In our “Chocolate Sight Investigation” (CSI) we’ve dissected chocolate bars. Can you correctly sleuth out what kind it is?

Towering Chocolate
You’ve got chocolate and you’ve got the brains, creativity, leadership and management skills amongst your teams… now it’s time to put all the different skills together within your group and see how high your team can build a freestanding chocolate tower!

A Bridge Over Chocolate Waters
Willy Wonka has retired and Charlie’s factory is in big trouble. Charlie knows he has the most popular and powerful chocolate factory in the world, but he needs your help to get his chocolate to market. Enter a world of pure imagination as you design, build and pitch a scrumdiddlyumptious bridge made of chocolate that will transport the latest Wonka candy sensation!

Some Ideas

In this team building activity, the emphasis can either be competitive (just for fun) or collaborative (big picture thinking) depending on your group’s goals. As with all Student Entertainment’s programs, there’s lots of room for customization.


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